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Welcome to
Wahib's Middle East Restaurant


Served with Rice, Salad, Hummus, Bread, Pickles and Olives
Carry Out Dinner
Kebabs $9.95$9.95
1 Skr. of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Kafta or Chicken Lula

Vegetarian Plate $9.95$9.95
Falafel, Grape Leaves or Cabbage

Stew $9.95$9.95
Green Beans, Okra, Eggplant, Supreme or Curry

1/4 Baked Chicken $9.95$9.95

Lamb $9.95$9.95
Slow Roasted

Fish of the Day $9.95$9.95

New - Numi Special $9.95$9.95
Chicken Breast, Salad & French Fries or Rice